Dark Circles: Causes And Effective Treatments

Dark Circles: Causes And Effective Treatments

Dark circles are almost irremediable for some people, especially with the increasingly fast-paced world we live in, so it never hurts to have a good eye cream at home. And dark circles not only produce a feeling of tiredness and sadness, but also directly reduces attractiveness, something you obviously don’t want!

Surely you have tried a thousand things you may have read on the internet or that a friend may have recommended, even so, they continue to appear. And it is that dark circles can become difficult to eliminate and prevent, especially if they are a genetic inheritance (thanks dad, thanks mom).

Today we are going to talk about dark circles, why they appear and how we can try to eliminate or reduce them with simple routines.

Why do dark circles appear?

Dark circles, as explained by the International Dermatological Clinic, "are a diffuse term in which fat, sinking tissues, skin color, texture and position of the eyeball come together."

A general explanation that does not clarify much, but that we have all suffered at some point. Let's then see what produces them and how to avoid them.

Genetic heritage

As we have already mentioned before, this is one of the most important factors. The genetic component of our parents can lead us to be more prone to the appearance of dark circles, and makes it practically impossible to prevent them. But let's not be discouraging, we can always prevent them from looking worse with a few taps of eye contour.


Another important aspect is fatigue and lack of sleep. You've heard it hundreds of times, but it's a reality: if you don't rest properly, your skin will become drier and fat will shrink. This accentuates the marks under the eyes, especially if you have a facial structure predisposed to it.


Beyond the benefits of a restful sleep, habits such as smoking, alcohol or stress can take their toll on the eye area. This tired look can be fixed with a men's concealer, but it's much better to get back to that healthy life you lost in college.

These are the main causes of dark circles, but we also find other elements such as fluid retention or hormonal imbalances. Enough of negativism though, at Jander we want to tell you how to improve that, and how to work on your good looking appearance!

5 tricks to prevent dark circles in men

1. A good diet

We have already talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and that also applies to the diet we follow. It’s not that there are foods that increase or decrease the color of the marks, but poor nutrition in general does favor skin aging and the appearance of dark circles.

2. Avoid 'miracle diets' and other sudden changes in weight

Weight loss, especially when uncontrolled and very fast, can worsen the appearance of dark circles. The fat around the eyes atrophies easily, and its loss favors the appearance of these furrows. A concealer for men can help to hide it, but it is always better to go little by little with this weight loss.

3. Perform moderate physical exercise

Sport is a good ally for many aspects of our lives, and for the eye area as well. If you are one of those who go to the gym just to hang out, it is time to lift some weights and get in shape.

Your whole body will appreciate it, and you will notice how the nutrition of the skin improves, and you will experience a better appearance under the eyes.

4. Protect ourselves in front of the computer

Many of us spend long days working in front of a screen, which forces us to strain our eyes and causes tiredness and increased pigmentation. The ideal would be to use filters on our computer screens and glasses that protect us from blue light.

5. Should I stop wearing contact lenses to avoid dark circles?

This last point is a very common question among contact lens wearers, who do not want to see their eyes marked by dark circles. Although the use of contact lenses does not directly cause dark circles in men, the hydrating liquid might. When we put lenses on, this liquid can drip on the eyelid and irritate it, which increases the mark of dark circles.

Treatments to reduce dark circles

There are several ways to help you reduce the color and puffiness of your dark circles, such as a good eye contour. There are also home remedies such as cucumber, which will soothe your eyes and nourish the surrounding skin; or tea bags, as caffeine will activate blood circulation.

If you are looking for medical treatments, these can range from laser therapies to surgeries or fillers with hyaluronic acid. The ideal is always to visit a doctor or dermatologist to explain the options that exist and recommend one according to your situation.

The power of a good eye cream for men

Let's be clear, the eye cream for men is not going to make your dark circles disappear. But they will help you soften its color and improve hydration around the eye.

So now you know: if you want to get rid of dark circles, you will first have to get rid of bad habits. Based on eating better, hydrating yourself and resting; You will have an increasingly lush and youthful appearance. And, to improve and prevent them from being too marked, be consistent and use a good eye contour such as the one included in our Essential Trio Set.