Can Stress Cause Acne? Anxiety & Skin Care

Can Stress Cause Acne? Anxiety & Skin Care

We all know that acne in men can appear due to many factors, and the most normal thing is that we think of age when we talk about it. But don’t get this wrong, it's not just teenagers who get these marks, the skin can suffer for many other reasons.

Among all these triggers, stress is one of those involved that has the greatest impact and, unfortunately, we don't remedy it. We still haven't gotten used to talking about men's facial cleansing naturally, but that's what Jander is here for, to bring you solutions and tips to solve such problems.

Stress causes acne in men

Indeed, stress can influence the appearance of acne on our face, and it becomes the snake eating its own tail: the more you have, the more stressed you are, so it appears stronger.

The first thing is to identify the reason why it appears. Surely you've had a good workload or a difficult period of exams. Well, there you have it.

Start by controlling your stress level, this is one of the great problems of today's society, along with anxiety and other mental problems. There are dozens of techniques and possibilities to try to relax, from meditation courses to playing sports with your colleagues. 

How to take care of your skin affected by anxiety

Let’s not talk about problems, we are here to bring solutions! We want you to finish reading this article wanting to treat yourself a bit more. Here are some tips to take care of that little face of yours to start today.

Wash your face (and do it right)

It’s part of our morning routine, almost the first thing we do when we wake up. We go to the bathroom, pour a little water into our eyes to wake up and try to get through the day. No, my friend… You have to wash your face thoroughly and eagerly, to properly remove both dirt and excess accumulated fat.

Water and a little soap is clearly not the solution, the skin is not stupid and receiving a non-specific soap for the face first thing in the morning only damages and resents it, so behave yourself and use a good cleanser. Ideally, do it in the morning and at night, before bed. And, as we say, do it conscientiously.

With this, you will get your skin to perspire better, so the following care will be more beneficial.

Be careful when shaving

We have all learned to shave sooner or later, with or without our father's help. And we've all cut ourselves at some point. It is normal, but try to reduce the risks. If you are one of those who shaves every day, you should pay even more attention, since it can be very aggressive if it is not done in the best way.

The first thing is to use a blade in good condition, so you will have to change it frequently. Get a foam that nourishes your skin while you shave, and thus prevent your skin from drying out. And, please, do not shave against the grain, this way you will only be taking away part of your dermis.

Finally, it would be best to shave with hot water, to open the pores before passing the blade; and after shaving apply cold water and moisturizing cream. This will protect your skin for longer.


Finally, you cannot forget a key step in caring for your skin: hydration. Although each skin is different, we can generally distinguish three types of skin: oily, dry and mixed. Daily hydration is key to looking your best.

1. Oily skin is the most common among men, with large pores and high sebum production. If this is your case, use light creams that hydrate you without leaving excesses.

2. Dry skin usually affects women more than men, but with age we all lose moisture. There is a lack of lipids that protect the skin and retain moisture, a thicker cream will be better to eliminate dryness.

3. As you can guess, combination skin is a mixture of both. It usually presents with the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) more oily, with a little more dryness on the cheeks. All skin type moisture here will work, as a generic moisture will give you the hydration you need. 

Be careful if you have beard: what we have told here applies only to the skin. If you are like the main character in the movie CastAway, you should take care of each area separately, respecting the separation between the hair and the skin. Use specific products for each of them.

We know that it’s not easy to start with routines, but surely with a little effort you can get started. If you do it regularly, you’ll prevent acne and other facial and skin problems from appearing.